Septem Lodge No:7788

The Worshipful Master, Officers and Members welcome you to the Septem Lodge No: 7788, in the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England, website, where you can find information about  this Lodge in particular or Freemasonry in general.

About Septem 7788 Lodge

Septem Lodge No: 7788 is a Freemasons lodge in the Province of East Kent. Founded in 1962, it is a well established lodge with over 50 years of history, with a diverse Lodge membership. The Lodge is based in the Dover Masonic Hall on Snargate street.

The Lodge Crest shown to the left, is designed with an emphasis on the number 7. It is set on a blue background with a sun shining over the 7 Seas. The base of the Crest is formed of wavy green lines on a blue background to represent the seven seas that were sailed by the mariners using the Port of Dover and the Lodge motto ‘Prudens Futuri’ meaning ‘Rest on the waves’ forms part of the centrepiece. The design uses masonic symbols to represent the Roman numeral for VII with an upturned compass representing the V and the two pillars representing the 2 one’s. 

Our Charities

We regularly support the following Charities, amongst others;

Masonic Charitable Foundation

(Teddies for Loving Care)

Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons Charity

Teenage Cancer Trust

Province of East Kent
2025 Festival

Please feel free to email our lodge secretary if you require further information